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A New Day is Dawning

CoreSafe Core Trays are now in Canada. 


CoreSafe - available in two versions:
Sahara for cool, mild & hot climates, and
Boreal for cold climates

Arctic for very cold climates.
CoreSafe is Designed to:
Protect Your People | Protect Your Core | Protect The Environment
Protect Your Balance Sheet

CoreSafe Core Trays Inc.


CoreSafe in Canada

CoreSafe SlimLine

On launch we will be offering CoreSafe SlimLine NQ/NQ2 & HQ trays and Lids.
Over time we will be introducing more trays and accessories to our range.
We encourage you to register for our newsletter, and blog to be amongst the first to hear of what we are offering. 

Some of the photos on this website include features of our Ultimate range of trays, which for now will only be made in Australia. The most notable difference being Slimline has narrow channel dividers, whilst Ultimate has wider dividers.

CoreSafe SlimLine Core Trays - Core Boxes

3 trays side by side = 1m of work bench

CoreSafe SlimLine Core Tray

Footprint = 1050mm x 333mm

2 sizes

  • NQ/NQ2 - 5 rows - total core capacity 4.6m

  • HQ - 4 rows - total core capacity 3.7m 

Each row just over 3ft long (Approximately 92cm)

2 versions

Sahara for cool, mild & hot climates. Boreal for cold climates. Arctic for very cold climates.

Our SlimLine core trays are designed for working side by side – 3 trays per metre of workbench.

Narrow channel dividers to keep the tray slim.

Generous end handles. 

CoreSafe Universal Lids

One size lid fits all SlimLine trays

The lid is made from the same tough material as the trays.
Our trays stack so well most of our customers only use 1 lid on the top of each stack.
The lids are designed to offer maximum protection for the core, they have simple positioning catches and for something more secure locking holes. Use cable ties or padlocks to keep the lids secure. No more screws or nails.
Another great feature is that both the trays with or without lids are designed to slide easily over one another, and lock into place when correctly positioned.

CoreSafe Core Markers and accessories

Designed together to work together

Core Markers for NQ/NQ2 & HQ trays
Write on the core marker or add an aluminum tag to make a permanent mark.

Drain Plugs CoreSafe core trays have excellent drainage to quickly get rid of any fluids. Sometimes you don't want this. Our efficient plugs will seal the drain holes for you.

Aluminum Tags we have two sizes of aluminium tags , one for the core markers and one for the trays. Create a permanent record.

Contact us

Please tell us about your project,

location, metres, core size, as much as you can.

We will provide sample trays to review for legitimate enquiries.

We merely ask that you pay the freight from our factory in Kitchener, Ontario.

Phone: +1 778 919 4804