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About Us

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Robert Keast invented CoreSafe in 2011 and took them to market in Australia in 2012. They rapidly gained market acceptance, and won a number of design awards, including outright winner of the Sydney Design Awards, and an International Good Design award.
Robert and his wife, Narelle have now come to Canada to introduce CoreSafe to this market. We want to support Canada as much as we can as we embark on this journey.
We are pleased to say that we have appointed a Canadian factory to make the trays for us, a Canadian plastic recycler to to provide our raw materials. We have even appointed a Canadian Bank.
We have not put our address on this site, for the simple reason that we are currently quite mobile moving from one town to another, one province to another. But our mobiles and emails always work. Our factory and bank are staying put.
We would love to talk with you about your needs and help your business get the best long term value from its drill programs.