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CoreSafe Protects Your Core

It's your businesses' future - protect it.

Drill programs are expensive. CoreSafe core trays have been designed to cradle the core, protecting it from shocks and bumps.
Our lids give added security with their catches and locking holes.
The long life span of the trays means your core will be waiting for you when you need it.

Support Ribbing - Full Height Channel Dividers

Cradles the core - prevents cross contamination.

The ribbing cradles the core, protecting it from shocks and bumps.
It helps the core maintain its orientation even when being transported.
The core is kept off the floor of the tray, leaving room for water to drain off between the ribs.
Trays or lids on top are kept away from the core below.
Reduced cracking, better orientation.

Finger Access

Don't damage the core taking it out

Use your fingers to get the core out, not a scribe, pick, screwdriver, etc.
No damage to the core, tray or tool.

One piece clip on lid

Protect the core from the elements and prying eyes

Our one piece lid has catches and locking holes.
They leave the tray fully weatherised keeping the core out of the elements.
Complete with strapping guides.
Other trays can be stacked on top.

Lock it up

Padlocked lids, keep spies away

Put a lid on your tray and the catches provide basic short term protection.
Cable tie the lids through the holes provided and they are secure for the longer term.
Worried about tampering or spies in the field - use a padlock, or two, or three or four.