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CoreSafe Protecting People

You hire the best, they deserve to be looked after.

No matter what tray you are using there are likely to be inherent personal safety issues. Sharp nails, strain injuries, splinters, mould, major cuts & grazes, the list goes on. Our number one priority in designing CoreSafe was to make them as safe as possible.

Easy Lift Handles

No pinched/crushed fingers.
Ergonomically friendly lifting position.

  • CoreSafe's built-in side, and end handles provide a natural, easy lift.

  • Clear space between handle and surface below helps avoid crushing fingers.

  • Designed for two man lift when heavy, reducing risk of back injury.


Flat Bottom

Perfect slide on roller conveyors.
Easily positioned on work benches.

The flat bottom has perfectly rounded corners to ensure easy slide on roller conveyors and work benches.
No more strain or injured shoulders from dragging trays on work surfaces.
And they are quiet, reduced noise in core sheds helps protect hearing.


Look No Corners!

Everything is rounded off. Nothing to cut or scratch.

It took some design effort, but we have removed all sharp corners from our tray.
Nothing to catch on anything, no cuts from exposed surfaces, no torn clothing.


Slide and Lock Positioning

Its just so easy to stack CoreSafe core trays.

Take the strain and risk of pinching out of the formula. Full or empty, with lid or without. NQ on HQ or HQ on NQ, CoreSafe core trays stack easily.
Simply place one tray on top of another, at any angle.
Slide it into position.
The tray locks into the one beneath it.
You're left with a stable stack, and happy workers.


They are made from tough plastic.

Doesn't harbor mold and fungus

The smooth plastic surface doesn't make an attractive home for mold, mildew and fungus. Some of these are pretty scary things.
Reduced risk of respiratory problems.

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